Handling your weaknesses in a job interview

No matter how many times you have been to a job interview, there is probably one question that you still get nervous about. Read here about how to talk about weaknesses.

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When you go to a job interview, it is important to prepare thoroughly. One of the things that many people often worry about is the question about their weaknesses. It can be a challenge to talk about weaknesses to a potential employer as you naturally only want to highlight all the good sides and strengths, but it is a very good idea to show honesty and realism about your abilities and work style.

The question about your biggest weaknesses is often an attempt to find out how self-aware you are and how you handle this particular question. The interviewer is therefore looking for answers that show that you are honest and that you have prepared.

One of the most common mistakes is giving too general or irrelevant answers. For example, saying “I work too hard” or “I am a perfectionist”. These answers do not show how you work effectively as a person and cannot be developed to improve your skills.

Another mistake is mentioning a weakness that is directly related to the job function. This can give the impression that you are not suitable for the job. For example, it would not be a good idea to mention that you have difficulties with math if you are applying for a position in accounting.

Identify a genuine weakness
However, there is a way to answer the question about weaknesses that can be both honest and positive. First, identify a genuine weakness and then describe how you are working on improving yourself. This shows that you are self-critical and willing to learn. For example, “I have previously had difficulties in delegating tasks to my employees, but I have learned to communicate clearly to ensure that everyone knows what is expected of them.”

Previous challenges
Another way to answer the question is to use a challenge that you have faced in a previous job. Talk about the specific challenge and what you did to overcome it. This shows that you have the courage to take on challenges and that you know how to learn from them and develop.

In the end, it is about being honest and focusing on your willingness to improve yourself. By acknowledging your weaknesses, you can work on improving them, and this is what a potential employer will appreciate and take into consideration.

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