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Expats in Denmark are happy with the working conditions, but find it difficult to settle in

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In the latest analysis from InterNation’s Expat Insider report, Denmark has been ranked 30th out of 52. Denmark is the highest ranked Nordic country, but there is room for improvement.

Danielle Bjerre Lyndgaard, head of the Confederation of Danish Industry, global Talent & Mobility department, says: “There is definitely room for improvement at a time when we need to be able to attract international employees so that we can maintain our welfare society.

12,000 expats interviewed globally
The survey consists of 12,000 expat interviews, of which 128 are from expats in Denmark. The survey is one of the largest and covers almost all aspects from working conditions to social attachment. The survey gives a picture of what the overall experience is like in the various countries included in the survey.

Danes can be less open after working hours
Denmark is at the top when it comes to working conditions, quality of life and sustainability. Denmark is in 1st place out of 52 in the category “Working abroad”. In this category, work culture, satisfaction, salary, job security and the balance between work and private life are measured, among other things.

In the “Ease of Settling In” category, on the other hand, Denmark is in the bottom, number 47 out of 52. Half of the expats in Denmark says that the Danish weather and challenges with the language frustrates them. Settling in Denmark and settling in outside the daily job is also one of the most difficult things – as open and welcoming the Danes are during working hours, as closed they are after work towards international colleagues. Everyone needs to belong – even after working hours.

Source: www.danskindustri.dk

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