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You can find job ads through a lot of different job sites. In Denmark you can find job ads through a lot of different job sites. But which one is the best? The job site you have to choose depends on which job you are looking for and your professional background.

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The various job sites can be interesting for both job seekers looking for a new job as well as for companies that need a new employee.

Here is an overview of some of the different job sites:
Jobindex is the largest job site in Denmark. On this site you can find job positions throughout the country and in all industries.
Ofir was established in the year of 1996 and was the first job site in Denmark. On this site you can, among other things, find many positions in the public sector.
Most people who have been or are unemployed in Denmark knows Jobnet. On this site you have to check new job ads, and fill in a so-called job log.

Børsen Job
On the site of Børsen Job, you also have the opportunity to find a job. Here you can search by geography or industry.
Jobfinder is primarily aimed at engineers, science graduates technical specialists and IT professionals.
This site is targeted all types of IT positions. It is owned by the Jobindex group.

Jobdanmark covers all of Denmark geographically. You can find jobs in all industries and areas.
In 2014, Stepstone became part of the Jobindex group. This job site also has a large selection of job ads, which can be divided into industries and geography.

Work with us!
On this site, social media such as Facebook are used as the primary platform for the job search.

This is a search engine. You can find job ads from all over Denmark divided into areas and industries.

The Hub
This is a site where you can find job ads from start-up companies that need to hire new employees and want to grow – it is a Nordic site.
Jobbank is for people with a higher education. On this job site you can also find jobs abroad.

Are you looking for a job in Europe? This site is for job searching throughout Europe. Eures stands for European Employment Service and is a collaboration between employment services, trade unions and authorities in Europe.

Careerjet is a job search engine that quickly and easily helps you find the large selection of job positions on the Internet in a database.

This job site is for experienced academics.

This is a large European job site with about 190,000 jobs, internships, student jobs and graduate programs for students and recent graduates.
On this job site you can find job positions within most industries and categories.

Jobs in Copenhagen
This site is in English and covers mainly a variety of jobs in mainly Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jooble is a job search engine that finds all relevant jobs on the Internet.

NGOjob is a job site where you will find job positions within the NGO sector.
This job site gathers job ads for uneducated job seekers.

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