What does a Full Executive Search contain?

Full Executive Search
At Unikom Search we offer a Full Executive Search. But what does it exactly contain?

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Executive search is a recruitment service that focus on sourcing candidates for senior level or executive positions. It is typically used to fill strategically important roles, including Managing Director, Director of Institute, R&D Manager, Dean and Business Development Manager.

Executive search seeks out the perfect match for the candidate and the company, and that is whether the candidate is actively looking for a new job or not.

What does a Unikom Search Full Executive Search contain?
At Unikom Search we take responsibility for the full process and present qualified candidates.

A Full Executive Search contains these elements:

  1. Candidate profile development meeting with search committee and leadership.
  2. Write or rewrite job description ensuring a powerful marketing tool.
  3. Develop recruitment and candidate outreach strategy – national, European, International.
  4. Advertise the position
  5. Outreach to personal and professional networks using the latest digital tools, email and phone.
  6. Contact nominations, promoting your position and institution.
  7. Halfway meeting reviewing potential candidates.
  8. Review applicant’s material.
  9. Conduct pre-screen interviews.
  10. Present qualified candidates – a report is made for each candidate.
  11. Interviews together with the search/hiring committee.
  12. References are taken before the final interview.

With a full executive search, you will outsource most of the search and selection process to experts and you will be sure that you find the right new employees for your organization.

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